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Tips For Picking Between Two Houses For Sale

Have you been looking for the perfect home to purchase, and now find yourself considering two great potential homes? If so, you'll be looking for tips to help you decide on which is best for you. Here are a few tips that can help you make this important decision.

Make A Venn Diagram

Sometimes you need to break down the advantages of each house at the most basic level. Make a Venn that compares the two homes, listing similar advantages in the center, and the things that make them unique to the side. You may quickly see that each home has a fair amount of similarities, but the few advantages of each will really stand out.

Visit Each Home at the Same Time of Day

Don't make the mistake of visiting one home during the day and the other at night. A home can have a very different vibe when you see it under different lighting conditions. Try to visit both at the same time of day so you have an accurate idea of how the home feels during the day. You may be surprised at what you notice upon an additional viewing with light shining in through the windows.

Try A Practice Commute

You are going to be spending many days commuting to and from your home to your job. Don't trust Google to tell you what the commute will be like, but actually drive it yourself. Get up early and plan to leave your potential home at the same time you'd need to leave to get to work on time. You may discover that one home has a horrible commute compared to the other, or that one home takes much longer than you anticipated to drive into the office.

Perform A Simple Home Inspection

You won't be having a formal home inspection until an offer is accepted, but you can perform a simple home inspection when you visit the home with your agent.

Look at the ages of appliances and try to judge how long it will be until they need replacement. Run the water through the faucets to see if it has good water pressure. Look at the plumbing to see if it is galvanized plumbing that may need replacement, or copper that is in much better shape. Look for any signs of water damage in the basement, such as a discoloration along the floor that indicated a couple inches of standing water were once inside the home.

These tips will help you decide between two homes that you are stuck between. Contact a new home builder for more help.

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