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Why You Should Stop Renting And Buy A Home

When you are used to renting, it can be easy to get in that frame of mind that leaves you going from one rental to the other. You may not have given much thought to actually being a homeowner until now. However, there are so many benefits to it that you should open your mind to the possibility.

Owning your own home allows you to stop wasting money on rent while paying someone else's mortgage. It also allows you to invest in your own future by purchasing a home that you can sell one day for more money. Plus, it gives you security knowing that you will never again have to worry about getting a 30-day notice because your landlord decides they want to use the house for something else. Here are some things to think about if you feel you may be ready for home ownership:

You are tired of moving: People normally don't stay in rental units for more than a few years or so. If this has also been your experience and you are tired of packing up and moving, as well as everything else that comes with rental hopping, then you should think about buying. You can finally settle down and put down roots for you and your family.

You want to be able to be creative with your house: When you rent, your hands are tied with regards to being able to make changes and improvements to the place you are living in. If you tend to be a creative and handy person, then this can be hard for you. Buying your home allows you to let those creative juices flow. You can paint a mural on the living room wall if you want, or tear up the carpeting and put down that new paper bag flooring that's all the rage right now.

You can save money regularly: When you rent a place, you will be paying more than the mortgage. People rent out their houses so they can cover the mortgage and make a profit. This means they are profiting off of you each month. Buying your own place allows you to only pay the mortgage so you can use that extra money for anything you want -- or simply keep it in your savings account for your future.

You want your kids to create strong friendships they can keep for many years: When you are always, moving it can be hard for kids to keep friends. However, when you buy a home they can make those friendships that last for many years.

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