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Pack A Better Box For An Easier Move

The way you pack your boxes can have a huge impact on the ease with which you're able to move. If boxes are splitting open at the bottom, caving in when you stack them, or are hard to stack due to awkward sizing, it will take you forever to load the moving truck! Whether you're loading everything yourself or hiring a moving company like Bekins Van Lines Inc to do so, make sure you follow these tips to pack a better box.

Choose boxes in uniform sizes.

It can be tempting to save a buck by opting for free boxes. However, when you pack in random boxes, you generally end up with boxes in all sorts of sizes. Stacking such boxes can be a real pain. So spend the extra money to buy some equally sized moving boxes. You can still get them for almost nothing if you buy them pre-owned from a friend who recently moved. (Sometimes you might even find moving boxes listed online by someone who is otherwise going to recycle them.) Your boxes do not all have to be the same size, but you want a maximum of three different sizes for the easiest stacking.

Buy good tape.

Folding boxes shut is not good enough, especially when you put heavy items into the boxes. They'll fall right through the bottom if you don't lift the box very carefully, and paying that close of attention to how you lift a box wastes time. Purchase some good-quality packing tape in a dispenser that doubles as a tape cutter. Duct tape will also do the trick if you have it on hand. Tape the bottom of each box before you start packing items into that box. Also tape the top closed when the box is full.

Put heavy items on the bottom.

If you'll be putting items of various weights into a single box, always put the heaviest items on the bottom of the box and the lighter ones on top. Not only will this keep the lightweight items from getting squished, but it will also make your boxes less likely to topple off the top of a stack.

Put heavy items in smaller boxes.

Assuming you have two or three different sizes of boxes, put the heaviest items—like books and dishes—into the smaller boxes. Save your larger boxes for lightweight items like curtains and blankets. It's easier to lift a big box full of lightweight items than a big box filled with heavy items, and once you've moved a few boxes, you'll be really glad the big ones are light.

Fill the boxes completely.

Don't leave empty space at the top of a box. Once that box is in a stack, the boxes on top will push down on it and cause any empty space to collapse. Stuff linens, clothes, or stuffed animals into empty space, as these fill the space without adding extra weight. You can also use crumbled-up paper if needed.

Stack your boxes from heaviest to lightest.

Once you have all of your boxes packed, it's time to start stacking. Start with the heaviest boxes on the bottom. Not only does this keep your stacks from tumbling over, but it also keeps you from having to lift the heavy boxes as far off the ground. But even for the light boxes, do make sure you're using proper lifting techniques. Lift with your knees rather than your back, and do not bend at the waist during the lift. 

With the tips above, you'll be packing and stacking boxes like a pro! When you arrive and need to unpack the boxes, you'll be glad you took the time to pack them properly.

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