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2 Tips You Can Use To Buy A Golf Course House

If you love to play golf or are in a relationship with someone who is an avid player, you may want to think about buying a house on a golf course. Having a house right there on the course means less commuting time to get to the golf course, which translates into more time to play. If you are considering buying a house on a golf course, there are some tips that can help you find the house that you are looking for. 

Check the Back of the House

Generally, it's the back of the house that faces the golf course, so when you are looking for a house, spend some time at the back of the house, both inside and outside, and come back at various times to check it out. There are various things that you are looking for that may cut into your enjoyment. One thing you are looking for is where people park their carts when they are out playing. For example, if the house is near a green or a tee, there are going to be a lot of carts and golfers congregating in those areas, so you are going to have more noise, which may bother you more. Looking at the back of the house will also let you figure out if the house is located on a cart path that would get a lot of traffic, which could also be noisy. 

Check the HOA

Most communities that have sprung up around golf courses have very strict restrictions on what you can and can't do with your house. If you find a house that you think is perfect, ask to see the restrictions that are set up by the local homeowner's association. If you have a child and you want to have a swing set out in the back of your house, that may be restricted by the HOA's rules. The rules may also dictate how often your lawn gets mowed, if you can have a garden, what color you can paint your house, and so forth. Make sure that you have read and understood everything in their rules before you start the purchasing process, because you don't want to buy a house and then find out that you can't do something you were planning on doing. 

If you love the game of golf, you may want to live on a golf course so that you can play more often. Follow these tips and work with a real estate agent to find the best golf course homes for sale that fit your needs.

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